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Is there love in the stars for you this month?  Astrologer Rachel Lang takes a look at what is in store for us all, with her February Horoscopes.

In case you missed it, Rachel welcomed the author of our favorite book on love, “A Return To Love,” Marianne Williamson, on her radio show last week.  You can see that broadcast here.

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Happy birthday! This month is all about you, even though you may try to deflect the attention to others in your life. Own it for once, and your life circumstances may change. You are reaching beyond your comfort zone, both in personal and professional lives. Do you feel a bit challenged by the Universe? If so, identify the gift- you are stretching beyond what you ever thought possible for yourself. Do you know that saying, “God doesn’t give you more than you can handle?” Yeah. That’s exactly where you are right now. The good news is that you will actually realize success, growth, and transformation as a result of this period of growth.

This month brings financial abundance and a general feeling of prosperity. You have a little extra energy to dedicate to work, which will bring nice commission checks or bonuses! Little extra surprises will come to you from out of the blue in the beginning of the month, all the way up to February 20.

You have been assessing your priorities lately, Aquarius. Your friends have always been an extension of your family, and this month, they show up for you in surprising ways. Stand in a space of receptivity, with open arms and an open heart, especially in the beginning of the month. During the first week of February, you will have to find a good balance between social time and you time. Rather than ruffle feathers, be very clear when scheduling. Give extra time and space just in case conversations run long and make room for spontaneity.

If you have been considering a business partnership, this month seals the deal. Just wait until after Mercury stations direct on the 11th before signing contracts. Participate with divine timing, and you will ensure success. You may have had recent challenges to your usual acute mental capabilities. Things have been a bit foggy, unclear. By February 19, you will be back on your “A” game and better than ever.

In romance, Aquarius, you’re walking in a dreamy, hazy time. You have been considering commitment more than usual, but haven’t had the nerve to set definite plans for sailing into the sunset with your special someone. Give yourself permission to revel in the ambiguity for a little while longer. By the 20th, you will be ready to step forward. Until then, enjoy a bit of romance. For you single Aquarians, get out and play! You may meet someone exciting and adventurous after the 19th.


Welcome to the world. Step off your spaceship and get used to the view. You’re going to be here for a while. Relax into this new reality and let yourself adjust.

I hope that made you smile a little! With Neptune and Venus conjunct in your sign on February 1, you may feel that you are in a bit of an altered state of consciousness. You are tapped into your heightened intuition and into synchronistic happenings. However, when communication challenges arise or communication devices break down, you realize the importance of attending to details. Offer gratitude to trickster Mercury for reminding you that you don’t have to take things so seriously, and find a Virgo to help you organize your life.

You may have made a series of changes and shifts that have allowed you to reach new levels of spiritual and professional heights. Subtle changes in your energetic bodies will open you for positive results in your life. Looking for a new job? Or perhaps seeking recognition at a current position? You have reached a career peak. Trust that all will unfold according to Divine plan, and relax into the bliss of true success. You have done the work, and you are about to reap the rewards. This is Universal Law: As ye sow, so shall ye reap. What in your life are you sowing right now? By the end of March, you will reap the harvest. It could be a windfall!

This is a creative, prolific time for you. Use the energy wisely and you can accomplish much. The arts are highly represented for you. A night at the theatre or concert venue would stir up those creative juices for you, but be careful not to let others’ ideas throw you off course. Stick to your own creative projects and maintain your aesthetic ideals.

Love is perhaps the highlight of your month, Pisces! Your romantic dalliances are both passionate and sensual. A special someone may be making your heart turn somersaults inside of your chest. Give into the wonder and mystery, and revel in those love vibes. If you’re single and open to a new love, prepare yourself for surprise encounters in grocery store checkout lines or your BFF’s Mardi Gras celebration. You won’t be alone for long!


You’ve survived the winter storms, metaphorically (and maybe literally) speaking. Now, you may feel as if you’re perpetually on guard, ready to handle another unexpected challenge if one should occur. Perhaps the past year has made you more comfortable with the idea of big change, as that has been the only constant in your life for quite some time. Your time of transition is almost over, and you may have a secure foundation upon which to build in the very near future.

Start the month by assessing your career goals. Are there new projects you want to create? Perhaps you have an entrepreneurial idea to pursue? This is the inception stage. Draw in your network of contacts and brainstorm. Explore the many possibilities open to you at this time. You have the ability to draw powerful allies into your inner circle. This is great for fundraising efforts for your favorite cause or political campaign. It’s also excellent for recruiting financiers. With proper planning and a little luck, you can secure support. If you need to expand your network, consider doing a little volunteer work or join a professional organization. This is an excellent month for forming new strategic relationships. Follow your passion to open those connections.

This is a great month for a little self-expression. Exercise your freedom of speech by making the most of your social media outlets. You have so much to say right now, and you have platforms upon which to stand. Speak up and out. This is especially true after February 19, when Mars, your ruling planet, moves into your sign. No one can hold you back! That next day, Venus moves into your sign, softening your powerful words with a little social grace.

In love, Aries, you have to reflect on the past in the beginning of the month, while Mercury is stationed retrograde. After the 11th, you will have healed past wounds and may be ready to move forward. Regardless of your relationship status, you have to do a bit of introspective exploration. By Valentine’s Day, you will have closed chapters of loss, grief, disappointment, or frustration. In addition, you may even reach a place of self-acceptance for mistakes you may have made along the way. If you’re in a relationship, the end of the month heats up, and desire reaches a new level of intensity. Plan a romantic getaway to make the most of this steamy influence.


No, the clocks have not been set back. You are moving in forward motion even though you may feel as if you’re dancing the Moonwalk. Professionally, there are new opportunities available for you, but you may be feeling as if the manifestation process is slow. Confusion sets in when you try to control the timing of events. Relax and allow. It will unfold in perfect, divine timing.

This is a richly fertile month for you in all ways. This bodes well if you have been trying to conceive little babies, as well as new ideas or projects. You know how to till soil and prepare fertile ground. Let body, mind, and spirit, work together in preparation for those new beginnings.

Mercury, the planet of communication, is retrograde until February 11, which may cause a few misunderstandings for you. Resist the urge to argue by choosing your battles carefully. Minor trifles don’t need to cause major upsets. You are so self-reliant that it can feel frustrating to work in tandem with others. By the end of the month, patience and compassion enable you to find the grace to open up to new ideas. That is pure synergy. Often, conflict stretches you in healthy ways.

You maintain a nice cash flow all month, with a little more income than expense. Start a nest egg and invest the extra. You may even put away a little play money to spend later in the summer. Start plotting your travel plans or dreaming of future getaways. Adventure awaits.

In love, Taurus, Venus and Mars are in compatible Pisces, signaling romantic possibilities and new beginnings in love. It’s a dreamy, mystic time. Celebrate Valentine’s Day with your special someone in a quiet, romantic setting. It’s a great time to cook dinner and eat by the fire…have a tender night in. If you are single, try online dating to broaden the chances that you could find love. The beginning of the month highlights your chances of finding Mr. or Mrs. Right.


You have a gift for communicating, and that is heightened right now. However, the beginning of the month, Mercury, your ruling planet, is moving backwards in the heavens. This suggests the need to double-check your work, and think before you speak. You may let something slip out of your mouth that was never intended for others’ ears. Oops! Do you laugh it off, joke about it, and clear the air? Mercury loves to diminish struggle with a little wit and humor. This time, though, you’ve revealed some truth that needed to surface from your subconscious mind. Allow yourself to be honest, and you will empower yourself to change the nature of your relationships. This is especially true on February 3, with the Full Moon.

Professionally, this month brings favorable news for you! There are new relationships coming into your life that reflect the work you’ve done to manifest success in your life. Extend your social network by attending events and engagements. Power lunches are great for brainstorming brilliant new strategies and ideas, especially in the first week of the month. You begin February with amazing insights and heightened creativity. With all of this energy, you are unstoppable. So, use it wisely and move definitely in the direction of your dreams. It’s easy for you as a mutable sign to become distracted by others. Stay focused for success.

Music plays a significant role in your life this month, and it has healing properties. Make yourself a February playlist, and rediscover some of your favorite tunes from the past. Your heart will heal as you clear the past, and you may discover some new artists as well. If you can, get out to see live music at least once this month. You never know who you’ll see out and about at those music venues!

Changes in your relationships with your siblings may have given you new insights about your childhood. This is a time of reconnection and healing from the past. Nurture those bonds right now, and your whole life will expand.

In romance, Gemini, the end of the month is super hot for you, and your passion meter will be turned up to the maximum. Just after Valentine’s Day, after the 19th, you could meet a new love, if you’re single. Excitement and adventure abound. You just have to open yourself up to the generosity of the Universe in order to experience true love. For those of you involved, this is a great month to reinvent your relationship by breaking away from the routine.


Because you are pure light and love, and connected to the Divine, you are safe and secure in every circumstance. Too much change in your life can cause you to want to tuck yourself into a cocoon and hide away. However, it is through our relationships that we grow. So, find new ways to engage with others that foster mutuality, reciprocity, and nurturing. Connect with those who make you feel energized and alive. You glow brighter, more radiant, the more fearlessly you share yourself in intimate connections.

You have been in a period of transformation, and your life is about to look very different. Perhaps it already does. Pluto has nudged you to explore your subconscious mind and psychological makeup. From what familial or social constructs have you needed to break free? And how will you restructure your life so that you more solidly root yourself in the sacred? This month’s influences suggest that you need to examine your life from where you stand today, in the present moment. Reflect back, imagine forward, and be here now.

Work has been busy, and you have experienced significant shifts. Welcome new opportunities this month, especially after Mercury stations direct on the 11th. If you are a job seeker, the Sun’s ingress into Pisces on February 18 signals successful meetings and interviews. Prepare yourself ahead of time by rehearsing with mentors or friends. You cannot do enough to ready yourself for opportunity’s proverbial knock on your door. If you have been in pursuit of a major goal or dream, you must accomplish one task each day that moves you forward on your path. The Full Moon on February 3 will illuminate those steps. Tread carefully and optimistically.

You have had to master the art of letting go, and this may have played out in several significant relationships. Are you really ready for a new beginning? With Mars and Venus in compatible Pisces until the 19th and 20th, respectively, signs suggest a new beginning in love for those of you who are single. For those of you involved, you are learning major lessons right now about boundaries. How much of your energy will you give in a relationship that feels like a diminished return? There may also be issues of power and control at play. Identify the areas that need improvement, and send light into those spaces. Where are the lessons? On the bright side, Venus’s influence brings you incredible romance this month. Take your special someone on a relationship-enhancing getaway, especially on Valentine’s Day weekend.


We start the month out with the spotlight on you, Leo, with the Full Moon in your sign on February 3. How will you express yourself this month? In what areas of life will you shine? To answer these questions, we have to look at the role Jupiter has played in your life since July. Opportunities may have appeared in your life, but perhaps they did not manifest as you had hoped. Acknowledge any disappointments you may have felt, and then surrender any need you have to hold onto a specific outcome. Miracles occur once you let go and open yourself to divine intervention. Angels will appear in your life. It is safe to trust.

You may have had a bit of writer’s block lately. You are usually so creative, but this is more of an input time than output. Explore the arts scene to find inspiration. Break out of your comfort zone to expand your own ideas. Travel may be a perfect way to spark creativity, and a change of scenery would elevate your senses.

Concerns surrounding children may brought up some worries for you. Rest assured, all will be well. Those little ones in your life need a bit more nurturing and love at this time. This may present a challenge to you, as you have had to balance work and home responsibilities, leaving little time for yourself. Feel free to ask for a little extra help. You may need it this month.

By the 19th, you will have more energy fueling your work and motivating you to exercise and take care of your health. February 25 is a great time to reassess those health goals and maybe even hire a personal trainer.

In romantic matters, Leo, this month encourages deep, intimate connections. You are fiercely loyal to your special someone, but you may feel stuck at times, wondering whether or not your relationship has balance. Raise these questions into the light with your partner. Together, you can determine how to adjust your individual needs to strengthen your partnership. You can have what you want. If you’re single, the end of the month, after the 20th, looks amazing for meeting a new love. All signs suggest this could be a significant other in no time.


Some enchanted evening, you could meet a stranger…” There’s a bit of magic in store for you this month, Virgo. You could stumble into someone remarkable who helps you open your heart. Or, alternatively, a new little 4-legged fur-child may come into your life. Keep your eyes open and your mind free from worry or fear. Open yourself to miraculous possibilities.

Work routines get shaken up a bit with Mercury, your ruling planet, in retrograde. Practice flexibility, keep a sense of humor, and let go of any need you might have to control every little detail. Mercury is the little fairy, gnome, or trickster. It wants you to remember that life taken too seriously is no fun!

I actually recommend that you meet this Mercury retrograde with laughter. See stand-up comedy, watch funny movies, or take an improv class. You have hilarious jokes in that witty mind of yours that seek an audience of some sort.

You’ll need the extra jolt of happiness if you have had any challenges in your home life. You may have unexpected repairs or appliance breakdowns. As you make upgrades, remember that you’re also improving the comfort of your surroundings. This is positive on physical and symbolic levels. For those of you interested in moving, the end of the month is more favorable home purchases or signing leases.

You may have a little restlessness right now, which leads you to daydream about embarking on an extended journey of some kind. Save now, because travel is highly represented in August or September. It may be a long trip, so plan accordingly.

In matters of the heart, this is a highly romantic, dreamy…and steamy month for you, Virgo. You may be getting pushed to grow and stretch in your current relationship through new communication techniques. You are in a bit of a learning curve, so be patient with yourself and your partner. Plan a romantic Valentine’s Day out at your favorite restaurant. Then, retreat to a secluded, seductive space to finish off the date. If you’re single, focus on your heart, and keep it open and receptive. Whether or not you’re ready for someone new to enter your life, you’ll be outpouring love vibes, which can help heal the world!


As a Venus-ruled sign, Libra, you may be excited to hear that romance is a definite highlight for you this month. We start with a Full Moon in Leo on February 3, which will illuminate your house of friendships and social contacts. You may meet a special someone through a work connection or a friend. Remain open to any invitations. Sometimes, we feel a sense of resistance when something is about to shift or change. We are wired for stasis and yet adaptable to change. Forget stasis. It’s boring. Welcome change. It will be an adventure for you!

You are being urged to express yourself, even though Mercury, the planet of communication, is in retrograde. Write, speak, sing, dance, act, or play an instrument. If you do none of those things, then take a few new photos for your social media sites. You have important things to say. You may fear being misunderstood or judged, but those concerns seem diminished when you welcome opportunities to live your truth. Plus, you’re a Libra, the sign of diplomacy. You deliver truth with grace, tactfully. Empower yourself to speak, and you will be heard.

Work is full of creative potential. You have established goals that are sure to take you to another professional level. Discipline and routine are required for success, especially at the end of the month, around February 25.

Your family members may be pressuring you with extra demands at this time. Stressors within your family and home life require your balance. How much of your time do you actually have to give? Resist the urge to sacrifice your needs in order to please those closest to you.

Perhaps you have been a bit laissez faire about your health recently. It’s time to get back to the gym, work out, and get your heart pumping wildly. You will need a strong heart to sustain all of the passion and vitality moving into your being after February 19, when Mars moves into your opposite sign of Aries.

Those of you involved in relationships will enjoy romance throughout the month. You will feel as if you’re living in a daydream. Make the most of this influence by being extra creative with your expressions of love.


Your heart opened up, and you felt intimacy, connection. What’s more, you survived! And now, with this newfound sense of yourself in the world, you are ready for the deepening of that relationship. Spend a little time adjusting to the idea that this is your home, and root yourself in it.

The past two and a half years have been hard work for you, and you have had to make sacrifices. You may have been recognized for your work with financial and personal rewards. This month, you need to revisit your priorities in order to move forward. Time and money are resources that have limits, and you may have to face some difficult decisions about how to spend those resources. Just keep your eye on the prize, so to speak. That will motivate you to focus on the big picture of your future, without getting distracted. It’s a time of saving and contributing to your nest egg.

Work offers creative possibilities galore! Express yourself, and you’ll make any project an enjoyable adventure. Be as playful as possible, even if others may call you a renegade. This is your time to shine, and you will wow clients and employers. It is the time to break free from strict comfort zone boundaries and let your imagination lead. New offers come to the table in the beginning of the month, especially with the Full Moon on the 3rd. By the time the Sun moves into compatible Pisces on February 18, you will be ready to take the leap of faith.

In love, Scorpio, Valentine’s Day promises romance, passion, and sweet surprises. If you are in a relationship, explore ways to spoil your partner. The favor will definitely be returned! Recreate your relationship if it has been feeling a bit dull with flowers, candles, and bubble baths. Awaken all of your physical sensations. If you are single, resist the urge to enter into a fling or affair, no matter how tempting it might be. There is a special person moving toward you on your path, and you do not need any distractions from making that pure, lasting connection.


You freedom-loving Sagittarians have discovered the benefits of discipline and commitment. Some of you may feel stuck, unsure of how to progress forward in professional and personal areas of your lives. Here’s a little hint: root yourself in the spiritual, and the material will flourish. The Hanged Man card in the Tarot deck symbolizes the way you may be feeling right now. In this card, the character hangs upside-down. The symbolism of this suggests that you can move forward in your life once you reach a new stage of enlightenment. You’re about to have a sort of rebirth!

Matters of the home and family bring waves of emotion. Warm thoughts and loving vibes fill your heart and reverberate into the hearts of those closest to you. There may be good news of new little ones coming into your life. Perhaps you’ll welcome a new niece or nephew or even a little one of your own. If you can envision your ideal, you can begin to make it real. It starts in your imagination. That’s where possibilities are formed.

This is a great month for promoting your work, teaching, marketing yourself, or launching new writing projects. A publishing deal may fall onto the table from out of the blue. The Full Moon on the 4th fuels your inspiration. Spend a little time contemplating your core messages. Then, brainstorm new strategies. The success will follow at the end of the month when the fiery energy of Mars and Venus in Aries culminates to deliver results. Financially, this could mean a stroke of luck! For those of you so inclined, buy a lottery ticket after the 19th.

If you truly have been feeling lackluster, plan a vacation for the end of the month and consider a beachside destination. Your faith in the goodness of the Universe could use the jolt of energy, and you may even stumble upon new friendships.

In love, romance heats up for you at the end of the month. So, you may not have the most romantic Valentine’s Day, but wait about a week! The rest of your month sizzles. Passion meets intimate connection. And you’ll start really dreaming about your wedding day. For you single Sagittarians, good luck finds you online! Keep it playful and fun.


Your world has been shaken up a bit over the past two years. Perhaps you have experienced some sort of seismic shift affecting every area of your life. Before you brace yourself for another change, take a moment and pat yourself on the back, Capricorn! Look how far you have stretched yourself and how much you have grown! This has been a transformative time, and you have really broken free from restrictive systems and structures. This month, take time to reassess your priorities. What matters to you now? Family? Then, make more time for them. Money? Find innovative ways to save and build wealth. Career? Are you on your “A Game” 80% of the time? If not, figure out why and get to the bottom of the resistance. Move forward in life. To paraphrase Gandhi, become the change you wish to see in your world.

This month is incredible for your finances. Invest wisely, and I recommend waiting to make any significant changes until Mercury is out of its shadow period and back up to normal speed, after March 4. Watch the markets and make plans, but if you can, hold off before acting on those decisions. The same rule applies if you are thinking about financing major purchases, like a car or home. You can sign any necessary contracts after February 11.

While Mercury is retrograde, you may decide to take past projects off of the backburner. Maybe those ideas were brilliant…but not timely. Now, the world may be ready to see what you have to offer. If you have had unrealized entrepreneurial endeavors, you may gain traction for them again, especially before the 18th. Once we reach the end of the month, those ideas can turn to solid gold.

If you are a jobseeker, connect with members of your network up to the 16th, and see what kinds of opportunities transpire. I suggest making the most of the influences this month by utilizing the potency of the Full Moon on the 3rd to make cold calls and take big risks. The rewards will followYour electronic products need a bit of an upgrade right now, Capricorn. Are you still on the iPhone 4? If so, step up your game. That’s right! You need to wow potential clients or prospective employers. Your ruling planet, Saturn, relishes in antiques and things of the past. However, your goals are pointedly aimed toward the future.

In love, look at the way your home reflects your current relationship status. Are you a Single Male? Does it show? Ask yourself this question realistically. You like to have a clean space, clear from clutter. However, is it inviting? Assess the situation with a Feng Shui expert to open up that romance sector in your home. Place roses on your nightstand to engage more sensual delight. If you’re in a relationship, this month means warm, cozy nights sipping champagne by the fire. It’s a cold month, and passion can keep things hot. If you’re single, try updating your online profile. Adjust a few things, take a new selfie, and put yourself out there! You can’t meet someone new if you’re walking in the same circles.




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