Do You Know? Rauwolf

Owning a Rauwolf clutch says something about you. You are a trendsetter. You prefer understated elegance and attention to craftsmanship more than a recognizable logo. You dare to be the one to always be in the know and the question you most often hear is, ” Where did you get that?”

With Rauwolf, the story behind the clutch, is as interesting as the obvious luxurious detail that will first catch your eye. Each clutch is designed with a specific woman in mind; each design even has its own soundtrack.  In the video above, we hear Rauwolf designer, Kristine Johannes explain the nuances of her creative process.

About Rauwolf:

“Founded in 2011, Rauwolf is an accessories brand based in New York. With the Rauwolf Spring/Summer 2012 debut collection, Kristine Johannes introduced a novel and unique look to the accessories world, created for the 21st century woman.

After a spot on the design team at award-winning luxury accessories brand Devi Kroell, Johannes thought to challenge the very definition of luxury. With the conviction that original design and innovative use of unexpected materials signify luxuriousness, her exclusive collection of architectural plexiglas clutches was born.

Carefully handcrafted in Italy, each Rauwolf piece possesses a unique design element including liquid injections, laser cuts of plexiglas, inlaid mirrors, razor-cut wood, French lace, resin and engravings.”

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