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Today, we introduce another in our series of Blogs and Bloggers that [We Love] at The Live Box Magazine. Please meet Natalie Joos and her Blog: “Tales of Endearment: Stories about Love, Friends, Vintage, Music and Life.”

Our love affair with Natalie Joos started with this video.  We have all had to make a decision at some point or another, between what WE want to wear and what THEY want us to wear.  Natalie took to the streets and asked a few of the THEM about what WE should wear.  The results were predictable, but most of all entertaining and ADORABLE, because of the spunky Natalie Joos.

Natalie is a Casting Agent and Consultant.  Her clients have included Phillip Lim, Hugo Boss and Lacoste.  She started Tales of Endearment in 2010 to share her passion for vintage and fashion.  But, it is Natalie’s quirky style that will keep you coming back for more. Oh, and the photography! Every post features different, crazy-talented, photographers showing intimate details of the subject at hand; a pair of shoes, a manicure or a bookshelf in the home of an interesting someone.

In Natalie’s words: “I’m known for my idiosyncratic, eclectic style. Though “cute” and “colourful” are recurring key words, it’s all over the place. I dress in characters really. Sometimes I feel like a sexy secretary; other times I’m an English tomboy. Typically I’ll wear a dress or a skirt with a crazy print, a slouchy sweater or boxy T-
shirt and high heels. But I’m not afraid of Birkenstocks, dungarees, Nineties crop-tops and cat’s-eye sunglasses either. It’s more about how I put things together at a moment’s notice. I love the styling element of getting dressed. It’s all about balance and how it visually works in front of the mirror.”

Fall in love with Natalie Joos and Tales of Endearment here: www.talesofendearment.com

Cover Photo by Felix Wong


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