Robby Hecht + “Robby Hecht”

My first encounter with Robby Hecht was one of those “you had me at hello” kinds of moments.  Well, actually it was more of a “you had me at the first sound of a voice that has been described as being “like honey” or “a warm blanket that wraps itself around you” kind of moments.  I have loved Robby Hecht and his music ever since.

Robby’s debut album, “Late Last Night” made with notable Nashville friends Mindy Smith and Jill Andrews, was flagged by numerous critics as the top release in its genre. “Last of Long Days” and most recently his self-titled album, “Robby Hecht” have kept Robby’s fans satisfied and the critics wowed.

Robby will be playing at The Family Wash in East Nashville every Wednesday in October. Learn more here.

Don’t miss this chance to see Robby perform LIVE!

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Music available at iTunes.

-Robin Keyser





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