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October is here and another dreaded Mercury Retrograde!  How will you navigate?  With the help of Astrologer Rachel Lang and her October forecast!

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Happy birthday!! Let your light shine brightly as the sun shines favorably on your sign up to October 23. You are at your brightest, and you will receive recognition from both friends and new admirers. Everyone loves a Libra! You’ll really feel it this month.

October starts out with an introspective glance at your personal history. Does this sound a bit too intense for your birthday? Just blame Mercury, the planet of communication, stationing retrograde in the sign of catharsis, Scorpio. It’s a great time to finish past projects, revisit old relationships, and maybe even rekindle old flames! Just keep your focus on your own needs and wants so you don’t get lost on your journey into the past.

On October 7th and 8th, it’s time to start planning for a new beginning. Have you been contemplating stepping into an entrepreneurial enterprise? Perhaps securing a new business partnership? This isn’t the time to pull the trigger, but you can start laying the groundwork for real, significant change. You may feel as if you’ve been stuck in the same routine for quite some time. Break out of it cautiously. Remember, Mercury still is retrograde. Resist impulsive actions.

On October 14, a chance meeting could prove beneficial for your future. You have the insight and intuition to know if it’s a yes…or a no. It’s your lucky day, for sure. And that’s followed by a solid Mercury transit on the 16th that allows you to promote your work in ways that attract an audience.

Financial values are top priority. This is a time of building a new structure for your financial future. Pay off looming debts and open a little savings account for your luxury items. Pay attention to your budget, as that Libra Sun loves to indulge.

Passion ignites at the end of the month with the Scorpio New Moon. Flirtations can lead to much, much more. If you’re in a relationship, this is a great time to take a step forward in your commitment, especially if you’re considering bringing a little one into the world. If you’re single, Libra, there’s no shame in a little affection and attention. Express yourself!



You may feel like you’re walking through the month with a blindfold on, feeling your way through each day. This is a time of trust, in yourself, others, and the Divine. Transcend your fears and inner worries. Surrender your need to control your future or any outcomes. If you have been considering a therapeutic escape, now is the time! A retreat or day at the spa is certainly in order the first weekend of the month, when Mercury stations retrograde in your sign. It can get a bit intense with those closest to you, and you may need to break away from everyone and clear your mind.

Money may be burning a hole in your pocket this month, as you have travel plans, weddings, and events to attend. Watch your budget, as there may be a few surprise big-ticket items, especially at the beginning of the month. You can prevent the hassle with a little preparation. The first week of the month, make sure you have backed up your phone and computer. Attend to any rattle or squeak you hear in your car or major appliances. A simple diagnostic examination can prevent a major disaster!

Your creative ideas are boundless this month. Rather than letting them fly out of your reach, ground them with a little productive and constructive conversation. Seek help to manifest your dreams. Let others contribute to your successful execution of those ideas. Your creative process can heal old wounds this month. Make time for the transformative activities you may have put on the backburner.

At the end of the month, on October 23, the Sun and Venus both enter your sign right at the time of a powerful New Moon in Scorpio. Wow! Fireworks galore- both in your romantic affairs and in your work. This is a turning point. Though Mercury is still retrograde, you can be assured that the new beginning you’re being asked to take is for your best and highest good. Green lights all the way.



You’re a powerhouse, force of dynamism this month, Sagittarius! Let nothing stop you as you move forward in career endeavors. Rally others to back your cause and organize your social network to do the hard tasks required for success. Delegate responsibilities. You are the leader, and a wise, powerful one at that. The Lunar Eclipse on the 8th pushes you beyond your comfort zone, in a good way. You’ve needed a jolt of energy to ignite change. Now is the time. Luck will follow.

Speaking of luck, October 14-17 are favorable days for you. This is a wonderful time to plan events, host social gatherings, or network with new people. Work opportunities abound, and you only have to focus on what you ultimately want. Write out a list of what you would like to manifest, and then hand it to the Universe. It will be delivered on a silver platter, if you consciously release fear and worry as it arises. You are shifting the outcome of your life. Isn’t that exciting?

At the end of the month, you turn inward, as the Sun moves into intense Scorpio. You may experience some restlessness in relationships at that time. A simple getaway can help cure the blues. But make sure you come home for Halloween, because the party will draw you into the magic of it all.

In matters of love, this is a time for new beginnings…and maybe even an ending. You get to choose, and isn’t that the good news? The power is in your hands. You may have felt helpless because of circumstances beyond your control or lost loves. What kind of relationship would you like to have? Go out and grab it! It’s right there within reach. If you’re involved, empower yourself to break any unhealthy patterns. Then, your relationship can flourish.



Let’s start the month by attending to some health matters. Clean up your diet, make plans for a stress test or any other preventive procedures. It’s not the time for elective surgery, as Mercury is retrograde. However, you need to grasp a sense of what’s happening in your body. It’s like reading the news. You need to know what’s happening. You’ve had a lot of internal tension, and it may be taking a toll on your health.

After you’ve gotten the A+ on your health report, you can start looking at your work/life balance. Where can you release a little pressure? How about starting with your fears. Take a deep breath, and let at least one worry leave as you exhale. Worried about finances? Inhale in trust in Divine protection. And exhale out the fear that you’re going to lose money in that most recent investment. Inhale in excitement for your future, and exhale out any fear of failure. Simple, right? I know it may at times seem difficult it can be to let go and surrender those worries, especially for a Capricorn. However, the total Lunar Eclipse on October 8 is going to catalyze change in your life, particularly in your career. That will have ripple effects on your home life. Focus on gratitude, and welcome opportunities for abundance. You have laid the appropriate groundwork for success. It will happen. Exhale out frustration. And inhale in the knowledge that you are destined for the path of success.

Your home life could experience a sudden change with Uranus and the Aries moon colliding on October 10. Things get exciting. Remember that every challenge offers an opportunity. Excitement is right around the corner, just waiting for you to discover it beneath any minor stressors.

In love, Capricorn, stability is the objective for you right now. With several planets in lovely Libra, you may be pulled to make commitments. Are you ready? You’ll find out at the end of the month when Venus enters compatible Scorpio on the 24th. Until then, resist the need to know how things will turn out. Just relax and let it be.



Even if you’re reading the latest headlines on MSNBC, you’re going to find good news this month, Aquarius! It’s a time of idealism, and that positive vibe causes you to see the best that life has to offer you. Your faith in the cosmic order of things has been restored, and that opens you up for manifesting change in your life.

Mercury is moving retrograde on October 4, setting up the possibility for some deep introspective work for you. Do you do your best contemplating when you’re far from home? If so, perhaps it’s time to tap into your savings and take a trip. The journey will lead you to a new destination, metaphorically and literally. You may even get inspired to write a novel or screenplay. Open yourself for adventure.

The Lunar Eclipse on October 8 stirs restless feelings within you. It’s time for a change, and though you may not be quite ready to make that move, trust divine timing to unfold gracefully.

In work, you may have experienced a little drama with co-workers. It will pass. Perhaps your friendships and co-worker relationships are getting much-needed makeovers. More importantly, you’re discovering new ways of relating to others that ultimately support you getting what you need from others: honesty, commitment, and support. Reflect on what the situation might look like to you five years from now. Is this something that will shape the course of your life? If not, then determine if the situation may be distracting you from exploring something deeper within yourself.

Professionally, you are reaching a peak point in your career, which may spur envy among your peers. Their insecurities are no match for your direction and focus moving forward on your path. Embrace success, and luck will follow, especially from October 14-17.

This month bodes well for your love life, Aquarius. Whether you’re single or attached, this month is packed full of romantic possibilities. Indulge and enjoy!



Magic has been defined in a number of ways. I like to think of it as the phenomenon that manifests when you fully, willingly participate with the elements of the earth and the divine, gracefully and intentionally allowing pure creative energy flow…without needing to control it. Have you been trying to direct creative energy in ways that limits its potency? Think of magic as a white water rapid. The energy of what you want to create in your life is turbo-charged, bustling forth. Are you going to erect levies to block it or restrict its flow? You’ve already set the intention. You’re ready. You’ve got this!

This month, Mercury stations retrograde in the sign of Scorpio. When this occurs, there can be communication challenges with others, computer issues or technical breakdowns. Prepare for this by backing up all of your files. If you have frustrating conversations with others, try not to take it to heart. It’s only a 3-week influence, and matters will smooth out on the other side. The ultimate purpose of Mercury in retrograde is to help you turn inward and heal any past emotional wounds. It also is a playful, trickster that wants to remind you not to take life so seriously. Build into your routine a little playtime to keep the retrograde effects to a minimum.

On October 10th and 11th, get ready to break free from your routine and get away. Adventure awaits you, and it may even be accompanied by a little luxury. Say YES to any opportunities that present themselves.

You may be thinki9ng of refinancing your house, securing new investments, or reworking your will. These matters call your attention, but you may want to avoid signing any documents until the beginning of November. You can make plans and preparations, but things may suddenly change after the 25th. When the Sun enters Scorpio on the 23, you have new insights that can help illuminate your focus on the future.

In love, Pisces, play. After October 23, you can get more serious. If you’re single, that means a chance encounter could lead to more at the end of the month. If you’re in a relationship, make it fun and avoid unnecessary conflict.



It’s fun to witness clients find love, especially if they have been waiting for love to manifest for quite some time. It always makes me giddy with excitement to see dreams come true. However, there’s this moment right after they have met “the one” when the questions creep into the conscious mind. “Am I really ready?” “I see red flags. Should I run?” “I’m not really free anymore. How can I be autonomous in a relationship?” You may have asked yourself these or other questions. How can any of us be certain about relationships when we can only determine our 50% of the relationship…and even that is confusing! If you’re at a crossroad in your relationship, know that you can sit at that crossroad indefinitely, and you’ll still be solid on your path. In fact, this is a month of introspection and contemplation. For an Aries, that can be tough. You like action and decision. Sit in the discomfort of uncertainty. Then, when you make a decision, you’ll be sure to take the right turn.

On the 8th, the Moon in your sign asks you to let go of a situation that has stirred anger and resentment. Perhaps from your childhood or family. It is one step in the process of moving forward in your life. You have to leave the past behind.

In career matters, Aries, this is the time to forge business partnerships, to connect with others, and reach out to new networks. Resist the urge to sign any documents, if you can, while Mercury is retrograde from the 4th through the 25th. It’s a great time to reconnect with past friends and colleagues. They open doors for you.

If you are thinking about developing new marketing ideas for your work, you have the energy to launch something new. A website or blog, perhaps. Put your passion into it and watch it take off.



With Fall Festivals, Halloween parties, football games, and more, your social calendar is going to be quite full this month. Make sure you find time for yourself in all of the busyness of the season. Spend an afternoon driving through the changing landscape. Enjoy sweater weather with a romantic picnic by a rolling stream. Venus is represented, so indulge your senses with good food and wine. This is a romantic time. Make the most of it.

For starters, you may consider updating your wardrobe and style. Shop in little boutiques where you can get the royal treatment. Let others spoil you as you select clothes that truly express your sense of color and design. Select a few key pieces for the parties of the season.

It may be time to renovate your home or expand your living space. Now is the time to prepare for possible additions to your family. Is it time to build that nursery? Or perhaps add on a deck for summer fun? Enhancing your space can improve the Feng Shui and may even make your life a little better in the process. You need a little extra breathing room.

In financial matters, exercise caution. The markets may be a little risky for you at this time. Consider investing after the first of the year, when the Sun enters Capricorn. That will save you from worry and frustration as you watch the numbers rise and fall. You have everything you need to make wise decisions. Real estate investments, on the other hand, are secure at this time.

In matters of love, Taurus, your heart strings get pulled tightly after the 23rd. They say opposites attract, and you may meet someone completely different than anyone you’ve experienced before. Put on those rose-colored glasses and explore the possibilities. Romance can lead to stability. You just have to give it a try.



This month highlights fun and frivolity for you, Gemini. Your ruling planet is in retrograde, opening up Pandora’s box. The Universe wants to upset your routine, give you the opportunity to take a break. The computer crashes? Go spend an afternoon outdoors and breathe in some fresh air. Your car breaks down? Great! Walk or bike where you need to go. Or better yet, stay home and enjoy a little break.

You have much to say, a lot to express. After all, you are born under the sign of communication. If you don’t have an audience, create one! This is a great time for social networking, self-promotion, and marketing. Use the influences, especially the Lunar Eclipse on October 8, to forge new relationships that will surely bring you opportunities in the future. Your charm and personal magnetism are at an all-time high. You can’t go wrong.

In work, if you have been seeking other opportunities, fear not! That restless stirring is a sign that something is about to shift for you. You are a manifesting machine. Just wait for the signal to take that leap of faith. Under most circumstances, I would encourage you to wait until after Mercury stations direct on the 25th, but this month, I say, go for it. The worst case scenario is that you change your mind. And doesn’t that happen quite often, anyway for you mutable signs?

In matters of the heart, Gemini, this is the time for a kinetic fling. Open yourself to play. Even if you are in a relationship. Try new things. Break out of the ordinary patterns. Date nights include champagne by the fireplace…or zip-lining in Costa Rica. Be creative. Be inventive. Be alive.



This month revolves around your home and family. If you have been thinking about visiting a distant relative, now is the time to do so. You may hear news from distant relative about a potentially stressful situation coming up with the family. This is not the time to worry. Rather, realize that you have the intuitive wisdom to handle anything at this time. You are the rock for your loved ones, and this is no exception. Let go of any past resentments, and embrace a new way of engaging with those family members who challenge you.

Mercury in retrograde ask you to revisit your path. Are you on course? If you feel a little off, look to the past so that you can glean insights about the present. Open your self to the possibility that a new beginning is emerging. Though you may not feel ready yet, change is on the horizon.

Open your self to radical acts of love. And compassion. This will allow you to break free from any sense of restriction. Hold on to your ideals, like loyalty. You have made commitments to others, and now you are questioning everything. It is okay to question. That’s what Mercury retrograde is all about– catalyzing change in your life.

During the Lunar Eclipse on October 8, the dynamic tension you feel from life circumstances will push you forward in miraculous, magical ways. It may not feel easy and cushy, but trust that everything will work out for the best.

In work, money and abundance are you your keywords this month. New opportunities come from out of the blue, so be ready to take action and after the sun enters Scorpio on October 23.

The end of the month highlights passion for you Cancers! If you are single, this is a great time for connecting with someone new. If you are in a relationship, wade through the challenges of the beginning of the month and smooth sailing ahead after the 24th.



If you feel as if your waistline has been expanding, trust that it is only symbolic of the fact that you have been taking in more goodness in from life. The Venus influence with, lovely Libra highly represented, urges you to indulge in all of the finest luxuries in life. That makes it difficult (perhaps) for keeping a budget for maintaining a diet, but you are enjoying friends, social activities, and familial relationships.

This Halloween, get dressed up, and go all out! You may just win a prize for your creativity. Just stay away from too much Halloween candy!

In work, this is a great time for writing projects and self-promotion. You are on the verge of a fabulous new beginning, and you only have to say YES! to the universe and make it happen. So…Mercury is retrograde, don’t be alarmed! This allows you to complete past projects and tend to old business. There are new beginnings on the horizon, and you need to clear space in your schedule and your life to make them happen. They will present themselves during the auspicious few days between October 14-17, when new ideas and opportunities open up.

In romance, this month offers all goodness, excitement, and love. If you are single, get out and play. Your sense of self, general outlook, and appearance are magnetic in attracting a special someone. If you are in a relationship, look past minor disagreement and chalk them up to Mercury retrograde. This is the time to explore boundless love!



What are your values and priorities, Virgo? You come to a major crossroad this month when forced to ask yourself this question. You are acting a bit like your Libra counterparts in trying to make everyone happy. But is that happening at the expense of your own needs? In order to best help others, you have to make yourself numero uno! That means assessing what tasks you can delegate or eliminate. This also involves a reassessment of relationships. Under Mercury in Retrograde (from the 4th through the 25th), you encounter some communication issues that may cause you to turn inward and isolate. Work out differences with compassion. Relaxation gives you the space for adopting new insights.

In work, schedules shift and change. You like to have everything under control, and this is a time for flexibility. You may receive a last-minute call for a big job or opportunity. Let go of the need to know how or when or where things will manifest for you. Just remain open to watching your future unfold. Have faith, the other “F” word, in yourself and in the generosity of the Universe.

The 10th and 11th offer brilliant insights! Take the weekend to reflect, write, meditate, and play. The more you indulge your creative side, the more those ideas manifest into something tangible…and even financial. Speaking of money, this month offers significant opportunities to connect with abundance. But see paragraph one in order to make them real.

In love, you seek divine, spiritual union. This month may show you some disappointments. Look at them as breadcrumbs along your path towards love. You will find your way. If you are involved in a relationship, make this month about enjoyment of one another. You can get mired in the details of work, family, and household chores. Find ways to relieve stress. Embody passion, and enjoy the ride it takes you on!


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