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Jupiter is on the move!  We asked Rachel Lang, astrologer, author, scholar, healer and medium, to give it to us straight…

From Rachel:

Jupiter in Leo

Jupiter just entered the sign of Leo. What’s so important about Jupiter entering a new sign? Jupiter, the planet of expansion, luck, and faith, is the largest planet in our Solar System, and its influence can spur tremendous opportunities, big life changes, and also big upsets. Its influence can expand career endeavors, a sense of faith and optimism, opportunities for love, and more. If you’ve ever met someone who just seems lucky, you could safely assume that Jupiter is nicely represented in their birth chart. However, that same planetary influence, if challenged by negative aspects, can also expand challenges, ego desires, and financial worries, including debt.

Jupiter occupies a sign for 13 months, which is a significant cycle of influence. Jupiter in Leo can expand our urge for self-expression. It calls us all to step up on stage and perform. This is no time to hide your light under a bushel or fear your own radiance. Circumstances call you to shine brightly.

Jupiter also rules faith, an ingredient essential to any manifestation you intend to co-create. Radical faith and trust enable you to take giant risks that lead to opportunity. Jupiter also can symbolize tests of faith, when huge upsets lead you to a deeper knowing of what actions, thoughts, and beliefs you need to change in order to reach your desired objectives. Everything feels bigger with Jupiter. So, if you experience any struggle in your life in the next 13 months, decide whether or not you are magnifying the issues at hand.

The area of your life in which you can expect growth and expansion is signified by the house in your natal chart that Jupiter transits through this cycle. Each astrological sign can expect different themes to present themselves. To find out how Jupiter will influence you, read both your sign and your rising sign.


Jupiter in Leo shines bright light into your life the whole 13-month cycle. Opportunities abound, and good fortune follows wherever you go. This is an exciting time in your life when hope for the future meets success. Are you thinking about starting a new career or developing an entrepreneurial idea? Take steps toward fulfilling your goals and dreams. Your challenge? Sit still long enough to hear your inner guidance. This is a lucky time for you. Make the most of it by paying careful attention to the signs and signals being offered to you at this time. If one door closes, say, “Thank you, Universe,” and trust that you’re being divinely protected and guided. Another opportunity is about to surface. Just wait and see. You have everything it takes to move your life forward. After a year of feeling the changes coming, now they’re here. No more cosmic lessons. This is the time for you to shine. Good news also comes if you have been trying to conceive or adopt a child. Lovingly receive all sorts of blessings from above.


Have you been thinking about adding an addition to your family?  Perhaps you and your significant other have considered adopting or fostering a child. Or maybe you have considered renovating your home. This Jupiter cycle offers a number of opportunities to make new commitments and then follow through. The changes you experience may come from external pressures to step up and grow into your big girl or big boy shoes. If you ever played dress-up as a child, you know it can be thrilling…and also uncomfortable to wear those big, clunky shoes. I couldn’t wait to grow into my grandmother’s high heels. She had the most impeccable taste in shoes and a collection of classic vintage pumps in all colors. I tried them on because it connected me to my future. Those shoes gave me a glimpse of what I could become…and they were fabulous. Can you glimpse your future? Perhaps you need to draw or create a symbol for your future and live into that. Want a new Tesla? Go for a test drive. Want to have a baby? Visit your BFF’s newborn and bring the most adorable little baby accessories. Want a more youthful appearance? Smile more and surround yourself with things that make you happy.


You’ve got a bit more pizzazz with Jupiter’s transit into Leo. Sparkle, shine, and spread your pixie dust everywhere. You have the ability to fly, Peter Pan style, into adventure and maybe even a bit of romance. Writing and reading open up new opportunities. This is a time of connection with others and especially your siblings. You may consider going back to school, learning a new skill, or embracing a hidden talent. Just remember your Gemini attention span, and try not to make long-term commitments with any educational program that may be a passing fancy. Skim the surface first to see if the new hobby is worth your dedicated effort. You may feel a sudden urge to reach out to friends with whom you have not spoken in a while. Catch up on old times…and then find out how you can help one another reach your goals. One word of warning: You may feel a bit scattered, wanting to learn everything you can. Stay focused on two or three things and you’ll keep from feeling overwhelmed.


Jupiter has just vacated the premises. Now, you can establish a new normal routine. The influx of visitors from distant places, the activity happening in your home, the moves, the changes, the advancement, and even the stress…all subsides. Now, you can focus on the business at hand. Specifically, that involves making, saving, and even spending money. More money and resources are coming your way. Jupiter is favorably smiling on you at this time. Resistance to beautiful things, luscious food, and happy hour with friends is futile. Go ahead and have that extra piece of cake and indulge your passion for accessories with one of the Céline bags featured in July’s Live Box Magazine. You have a lot to celebrate, and there’s more to come. Relationships lead to networking. If you’re trying to build a business, expand your audience, or chair a fundraiser, think of yourself as a connector of human resources. Each person in your circle has a circle of his or her own. Reach out. Ask for help. You’ll be surprised by the gifts that come with that kind of vulnerability. It’s not a sales pitch, it’s an opportunity to participate in something big.


Congratulations! You’ve waited 13 long years for this moment. Leo shines brightly on your Sun, giving you confidence, power, charisma, and an audience to see you in all your splendor. How will you take advantage of this opportune time? As a fixed sign, you can align yourself with fierce loyalty to situations and individuals that no longer serve your best and highest good. A little flexibility will help you see what you need to cut from your life in order to step fully into new, brighter opportunities. If you have been hanging onto a job for security purposes alone, losing your sense of passion, it’s probably time to let it go. The moment you decide to make that shift, there may be a call from a friend with an amazing connection. This is a great time to change your look, as well. Your face and body are the first impressions people see when they meet you. If you’re stepping up on stage, you want to look as fabulous as possible! Talk to your stylist about what hot trends might work for you. This awards season is going to be great for you, so be red-carpet-ready for the next 13 months. Sure, this cycle brings opportunities, but it also can make you feel a little overwhelmed with choices. Find ways to relax, consider a consultation with your favorite guru, and make time for stillness to hear your own inner voice.


There is a time for everything…the sowing and the reaping. This cycle brings a little of both for you. Think of this time as your “Eat, Pray, Love” time. Consider taking a journey of self-discovery and then blog about it. That trip may be just to the grocery store and back, or it might be a voyage chasing children around the home. You know that divine inspiration and revelation often comes through extraordinary moments in your day-to-day life. Start making the most of this time by diving into a disciplined spiritual practice. Join a community, like a book club, yoga class, or meditation group, so you don’t feel so alone in the process. You have unique gifts to offer the world, and you are beginning to see how you might share them. And let’s be frank, you can actually monetize them. First, dig deep inside. Clean house, metaphorically speaking. What beliefs did you wrongly inherit from your family of origin? Keep the good, and destroy the bad. Release negative thoughts. Integrate negative emotions. Heal. Then, let go of your need to be the servant and step into being served.


Look at you, little social butterfly! Aren’t you just the most popular sign of the Zodiac? Actually, I have a theory that everyone loves a Libra. Even the aloof ones who have a bit of Scorpio in their charts, are charming, lovable individuals. This Jupiter cycle brings opportunity for meeting new acquaintances and building friendships. You are the sign of justice, harmony, and balance. Leo’s influence might spark passion to fight for a cause or solve a global issue. Step up to the podium and raise the megaphone. Let your voice be heard. This is a time of advancement, promotion, and production, but it starts with the forging of new, beneficial relationships. These might come from your romantic partner. Your challenge? Remember that you cannot do it all at once. You may need to disappoint some to move forward on your path. You can’t stop a train to pick up a stray puppy. You’re moving fast. Keep the momentum and continue to grow…and go.


Those who have accomplished major feats in their lives always recount the triumph, and though they may allude to the struggles along the way, those challenges become woven into the larger success story. The struggle isn’t the end. The glory is.  Listen to any TED talk, and you’ll see what I mean. Jupiter in Leo highlights your career and reputation. Perhaps a mentor or guide has just come into your life. Follow his or her footsteps to learn from the mistakes of others. Remember that Jupiter’s influence magnifies the feelings associated with all circumstances in your life. Try to maintain your perspective when you’re going through rough times. You have the tenacity to overcome any obstacle in your path. You’re amazing. Just like fellow Scorpios Hillary Clinton, Bill Gates, Julia Roberts, Maria Shriver, and Leonardo DiCaprio.


This Jupiter transit brings about true expansion. Your faith and spirituality are boundless, limitless, and they now open the gateway for big manifestation. Oh, the places you will go…literally and metaphorically. Just write your list of desires, and consider it a preview of coming attractions. If you’ve been considering delving into publishing or writing, Jupiter smiles favorably on those activities. Exercise your imagination because it is the key to manifest things you want in your life. If you can imagine it, you can start the process of creating it in your life. You may be thinking about writing that best-selling novel this is your time! Or perhaps you want to take on an eccentric voyage with your special someone. Travel would be highly recommend. Adventure awaits you are you brave enough to step forward. Luck follows you all through the cycle. However, in order to make the most of the time, you are going to want to practice radical faith and serious belief. When you place trust in divine providence to lead your way, you can avoid the pitfalls of doubt. Opportunities come in disguise. Sometimes situations offer to open new doors for you. Always ask for this or better.


Jupiter introduces a depth of intimacy into your life. Consider taking everything you’re doing right now up a notch. Last cycle was one of evaluating what relationships were best suited for you. With Jupiter in Leo, recognize that you will have the losses as just as you work on deepening and strengthening the professional and personal contacts and resources in your life. You may receive gifts of good fortune through inheritance, or may have luck with the stock market. Trust your financial advisor and revisit any investments that are currently lagging behind. You may also refinance your house, or work on clearing some debt. Whatever you do with your financial picture, think long term. Relationships become stronger, more resilient, and your bonds intensify. If you happen considering taking your particular partnership to the next level, now is the time to do that Jupiter shines favorably on deep intimate relationships. Open yourself have the courage to be vulnerable. Be honest because the truth will come out. Jupiter highlights and expand all types of situations. If there are any skeletons in the closet, you might present them before they become discovered. Then, you can be the hero…rather then the villain


You are the free-spirited sign of the Zodiac, and all partnerships can feel overwhelming at times. Especially if external pressures to commit push you beyond your comfort zone. This is a great time to let go of your fear of relationships or fear of commitment. Trust that you can maintain a relationship and have your freedom all at the same time. And your relationship will continue to expand and grow. You will find new ways to love your partner. You may feel led to think about marriage, or even consider partnering with a business association to start something new. You always consider the universal, but now think about your personal life. What have you done to express love lately? How have you been an ideal mate? You might consider planning the perfect romantic getaway, or making arrangements to spoil your lover. In legal matters, situations could escalate out of control, requiring you to consult third-party assistance. Consider your best interests, and you may want to take the high road rather than engage in petty conflicts. Sometimes the best course of action is to wait it out.


The Universe is gently nudging you forward in new ways this cycle. Your business requires focus, and Jupiter’s expression urges new responsibilities in your day-to-day life. You are gaining new insight and awareness. Details become important. Your health is a precious gift. Focus on your immune system, and infuse your routine with proper rest and relaxation. If stress and worry drags you down, consider inviting a furry little creature into your home. Nothing brings out your warm soft spot like a little puppy or kitten. You are going to have extra responsibility and will need to remember to play and enjoy life. The good news is that all the work you complete is to build a foundation. This time of productivity offers rewards on the other side of the transit. If you have been thinking about studying a form of energy work or practicing alternative medicine, this is a great time to incorporate new modalities into your routine. Taking a new approach will open pathways for exploring new facets of your personality that have been dormant or hidden. Trying a new approach will bring healing and restoration to your physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.



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