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Highly Accredited Astrologer, Scholar, Healer, Author, Reiki Master and Medium – Rachel Lang presents:
The July Horoscopes.


July awakens the fire within you, Aries, and you feel movement in your life, when things may have felt stagnant or stuck for a little more than a year. Events and circumstances that held such promise collapsed or crumbled under the weight of the Cardinal Cross and Jupiter in a sign challenging to yours. You may have felt under a spell or at least in an unlucky streak. All that is about to change as Jupiter, the great Benefic of the Zodiac, the planet of luck and expansion, moves into a complementary sign on the sixteenth. Should you hide in your bedroom until then? Of course not! Now is the time to push yourself beyond your comfort zone. July is all about watching the seeds you’ve planted six months ago start to sprout and bloom. You are blooming, too. Water your plants, and tend to those projects for which you hold the most passion.

It may be a dry month, financially speaking, when possible contracts and proposals are being considered, but not as quickly as you would prefer. You may have (on one or two occasions) earned a reputation for being pushy. Now is the time for patience, not demands. Open your mind and listen to the needs and wants of those who frustrate you most. They may be mirroring back parts of you that you want to deny or abolish. Compassion for yourself will lead to compassion for others.

This month, tend to your home and family, finishing those projects you’ve been reluctant to complete. You have to “finish your chores” before you can go out and play. If you have considered welcoming additions to your family, this month brings good news. All of that Cancer energy ignites your Solar 4th house of home and family, and any number of miracles could occur: A new baby, a reconnection with a distant relative, or even a new home purchase that fulfills your dreams.

In love, Aries, the Full Moon on July 12 signals it’s time for a change. Turn your attention inward and focus on what you want. Love has triggered psychological breakthroughs, but sorry to say, you’re not quite finished yet. This roller coaster ride has one more twist and turn. Then, August heats up to welcome peace and fullness for you in this area of your life. In the meantime, keep it playful and resist attachment. Or if you’re in a relationship, walk away from drama by taking your love out of town on a spontaneous excursion.


This month, you are the quintessential social butterfly, moving from one party and gathering to the next. It starts with your Independence Day festivities and continues until the end of the month when Mars, the fiery planet of passion and excitement, enters your opposite sign, Scorpio. Have you been taking life a little too seriously? Lighten things up. Travel and adventure are waiting for you, but you have had your thoughts set firmly on the practical concerns of the day. Those responsibilities and duties can wait. Seize this moment, because you may not have another chance to connect with your loved ones in the ways that have opened up within the past few weeks. The moral dilemma of duty vs. pleasure is one you Venus-ruled sun signs know all too well. When facing that challenge, think of your priorities. If this moment in your life demands work to be a priority, honor that commitment but strive for balance. Conversely, if your priority is family, take time off work and assess what else you might eliminate to free up a little more time. The message is simple: Honor YOU first…and then that which you most value second.

In work, you have synergy in business partnerships and collaborative efforts that are directed toward a common goal. Use this time to forge new working relationships or network to expand your professional reach. Your connecting skills are at an all-time high. This is the time to commit to relationships that will carry into your professional future. The Full Moon on July 12 in complementary Capricorn opens doors of opportunity. Seize that Super Moon influence and network like crazy! Insist on meeting the A-list VIPs. After stern Saturn stations Direct on 7/20, you get the green light on the projects that have been on hold. Your future awaits. Don’t step- LEAP- into it.

In love, Taurus, the end of the month sizzles. As Saturn stations direct in your opposite sign, Scorpio, and solar 7th house, you are thinking about taking your relationship to the next level. Even if you’re already married, use this time to focus on making your relationship even better. You can continue to find new ways to experience intimacy and passion. I recommend travel, particularly travel to a new country where you can experience new types of food and gorgeous artistic and architectural wonders. For you single Tauruses, you have been revisiting the past, trying to gain closure and heal old wounds. You’re almost ready to step into the future! This is the time for new beginnings, and they will start after the 18th. August heats up for you!


Your finances take center stage this month, as all of your personal planets move into your Solar second house of money. There’s a Universal Law that states, “You reap what you sow. “ What energy have you been projecting to the Universe with regard to money? Have you been inviting it in? Or rather, have you been replaying the same negative message over and over. Perhaps unexpected expenses have come up out of the blue, challenging your financial portfolio. Does that mean you are going to cave into fear? Where would that lead? Gemini, yours is an intellectual, communicative, and imaginative sign. Quite frankly, you, more than any other sign in the Zodiac, can create solutions to life’s sudden challenges. You are the writer, the storyteller. Start telling a new story.

Your business affairs pick up as your attention turns to marketing and communications. Speak about your work like the bold, impassioned individual you are. You have the ability to recruit new clients like never before. They will find you in random conversations in coffee shops and bookstores, you know, your favorite places. You will wow them with your words, ideas and knowledge. But how will you close the deal? Persistence is key. New opportunities surface in the beginning of the month, and may appear elusive or out of reach. Remain optimistic, and things will turn around for you at the very end of the month, right as the Sun moves into Leo on the 22nd.

It’s time for a change in your home environment. You Gemini’s have a difficult time sitting still for too long without some sort of movement. If restlessness stirs within you, consider a minor renovation project. Or purchase new artwork. Cultivate comfort and let your home be a nest from which your creative ideas can fly forth.

Likewise, Venus is in your sign until the 18th. Maybe you would like a little makeover or reinvention, yourself! Your outer appearance reflects the inner you, so step it up and change your style a little.

In love, Gemini, Mars and Venus will help you to spark new romance if you’re single. Step out on the town and have a new adventure. Consider meeting new people. Try online dating or a matchmaking service if you’ve felt alone in the quest for partnership. If you’re in a relationship, these stellar influences heat things up in the bedroom. Even if your relationship has felt challenged with June’s Mercury in Retrograde, this month brings a true connection and increased intimacy.


Happy birthday!! As the nurturers and caretakers of the Zodiac, you might consider directing your energy and attention to you this month. You have had a wild year, Cancer, with Jupiter, the planet of luck and expansion, in your sign, along with a Cardinal Cross, a challenging influence that has directly impacted you. Are you ready for a vacation? Plan for a new adventure. You might consider going solo and leaving your special someone behind. Your relationship has been a bit confusing and maybe challenging over the past few months. Perhaps it’s time for a soul-searching reprieve. Take quiet time for you. If you can’t get away for a couple of days, consider a writing class or workshop or something to fire up your creative engines. You have a lot to say, and you need a new modality for self-expression.

Your personal identity and sense of self have been in a process of reinvention these past few months. You may feel as if your entire life wants to change. Follow that pulse. Move forward. When you cease to grow, life seems stagnates, causing feelings of frustration. You are being called for something greater- to fight for a cause, stand up for your beliefs, or lead your daughter’s school fundraiser. Volunteer your time to help serve the greater good, and you will gain back rewards. They come in the form of personal satisfaction or networking opportunities with others in your field.

Your work has been steady, but success looms in the distance, waiting for you to arrive at the next level of your professional ambition. Have you been gaining additional training or experience? It certainly pays off, especially on the 12th, when the Full Moon in Capricorn illuminates your next steps. Consider partnerships and collaborations. Are there others you could draw into your business for support? This month highlights your ability to connect and form strategic partnerships. I’ll offer just one caveat. Resist any mergers that feel out of balance or that require your self-sacrifice.

In love, Cancer, the end of the month offers peace, solace, and true connection. If you’re in a relationship, you strengthen the bonds of love after the 18th. Communication challenges ease, and you’ll be glad you stuck through the rough patches. If you are single, relationships have felt defeated from the start for several months. Open your hearts, oh self-protective ones. Love might surprise you by the 25th.


Jupiter, the planet of luck and expansion, is moving into your sign, starting a new 13-month cycle. This influence offers hope for change, new beginnings, and career expansion! It’s going to ROCK for you! This happens once every 12 years. So, buckle your seat belts; you are going for an exciting ride!

Professionally, Jupiter brings remarkable new opportunities in work. Have you been thinking about a new job? Or perhaps you’ve considered launching out on your own in an independent endeavor? Now is the time to take the leap of faith. In addition to the Jupiter influence, Uranus, the planet of change and surprises, is in a compatible sign, triggering a positive flow in your ability to manifest income. Stay open to the many possibilities. Your biggest challenge will be in making decisions as to which road to choose. Avoid cul-de-sac decisions or dead-end roads. If you can’t see yourself growing beyond the currently offered position, go back to the drawing board and try again. There are no shortages of possibilities. The key lies in finding the right one for your long-term future.

If you have been thinking about expanding your family or welcoming a new member of your tribe, overcome any fears first. Then, go for it! One of the blessings of this Jupiter transit is that you can accomplish more than usual, and that means you tend to take on a bit too much. Carve out time for you, and meet your needs. Your home becomes a showpiece as you redecorate and add a few elegant features.

In love, Leo, the beginning of the month opens your passion centers and allows you to manifest new love. You have the desire to connect like you’ve never had it before. Relax and let it come to you. For those of you who are in a relationship, adopt positive expectations for your relationship, especially with the Full Moon on the 12th, when your loved one may be a bit preoccupied with looming responsibilities. Plan for an excursion in August, when the Leo Sun heats up the last days of summer.


Communication and innovation are highlighted for you this month, Virgo. You have been building new structures and foundations for your life, and developing a greater sense of your overall purpose. Now is the time to make it definitive. Speak your truth boldly and courageously. Then trust that the right people will hear. Politically, there are a number of causes in which to participate. You can practice speaking up for your favorite charity and then let your speech veer toward the personal. Tell your story, but tell the story you want to live, not the one full of worry or strife. When you speak, crowds of individuals will hear you. So, step up on stage! Your public awaits.

In work, this is a time for marketing, social media, and PR outreach. Hire a publicist to help promote your work. If you are a freelancer, attend openings, galas, and networking events. Volunteer your time to help a cause. This will help you connect with others who might have possible career connections. Often, in giving you do receive.

On July 12, your brilliant ideas seek an outlet. Write, design, or create in whatever medium you enjoy most. The Full Moon in Capricorn helps inspire a tenacious drive. Follow through and complete your work.

Children may be away at camp or off with their friends. You could spend time worrying about them or feeling sad for their absence. However, would that really serve any good purpose? Show your support for their personal endeavors, but use this precious time to explore aspects of yourself that have not been fully realized. It’s an introspective, self-reflective time. Take full advantage of it!

In relationships, Neptune stands in opposition to your sign, and you’ve been wearing rose-colored glasses. Think practically, question everything, and assess your relationship challenges with an open mind and compassionate heart. Can you really have the love you desire in your current situation? If the answer is yes, step more fully into it and love deeply. If the answer is no, you need to walk away before someone gets hurt. If you cannot come up with an answer, wait until the Full Moon on the 12th, when clarity arises. This is a powerful, emotional time for you. You are clearing out the past and preparing youself for big changes to come.


The powerful, forceful planet Mars has been in your sign since December 7, pushing you to use your voice and assert yourself. As a result, you have stepped way beyond your comfort zone. Relationships have changed, and you have tapped into some stored-up anger. Have you finished letting go of old resentment, disappointment, anger, and frustration? It is time to move forward and integrate the lessons learned in the past year so that you can move forward in your life. Mars is moving into adjacent sign, Scorpio, on July 25, signifying a return to peace in your personal relationships. In addition, jupiter, the planet of luck and expansion, is moving into the compatible sign of Leo. Your work has just begun to grow, and it will continue to evolve at a rapid pace. Work through any subconscious blocks remaining and prepare to amaze yourself!

With the Sun, Mercury, and Venus moving into Cancer, you may feel a sense of inner tension. You want to manifest everything right now– a new car, a new home, a baby, and more career success- but there are still hurdles to overcome in your subconscious mind. Ride the river of life and let it flow. Plus, you need a bit of a challenge to keep you on your toes!

Speaking of which, this is a great month to focus on strengthening your physical body. Try a boot camp or yoga class. Really dive into the experience. For fun, try it with a friend! Then, follow your workout with a juice cleanse or detox.

Love has been an interesting challenge for you since December. You have had activity in your love life but not security. Relationship ups and downs are almost over for you, and you’ll be able to rest safely in love’s arms.


Your life has been structured, disciplined, and focused for several months. You may feel as if you need a break from the routine. However, you are going to need to keep it up a few more weeks. Your break will come, and when it does, you can breathe a sigh of relief!

You have been in a process of personal reinvention, examining every aspect of your life. Focus on your commitments, while still engaging in wonder and opening to unexpected surprises. If you’ve considered going back to school or getting additional training, this is a great time to make the move. Likewise, making a home-buying decision is also positively represented for you.

Work offers recognition, awards, and accolades. You receive praise for your communication skills and tenacity. If you freelance or own your own company, this is a great month for business development to extend your reach, especially after the Full Moon on the 12th.

Travel expands your creative awareness. Step beyond the comforts of your community and see the world. Work opportunities may even arise overseas, so keep your options open, and say “YES!” to excitement. As a fixed sign, you may feel resistant to change. Remove any obstacles to your path moving forward.

Relationships mean commitments for you, Scorpio. Think marriage and family. Even single Scorpios make significant love connections this month, especially after the 18th.


Your truth meter may feel a bit off, and you have missed a few key pieces of information from those to whom you are closest. Have they been completely honest? Toward the end of the month, after the 12th, you can see so clearly, and you may rethink some of the decisions you’ve made in June. It’s OK to take a second look, to change your mind, or reassess your circumstances. Give yourself permission to be free from restraints and demands.

You are so loyal and giving, and that is a gift you give each of your friends and family members. Now, take some time and be loyal to yourself. Honor YOUR needs and priorities.

As Jupiter enters fiery Leo, your business picks up. If you’ve been slowly moving through the spring and summer months, get ready for a hot July! Work opportunities come from out of the blue. Stay in gratitude for the abundance, and save some of it for a big vacation later this year. Jupiter invites travel plans and experiences overseas.

Your family members show their love and care, and after the 8th you feel appreciated and respected. They are no longer taking your kindness for granted. That may spark a greater desire to serve. Keep the balance, and offer from the pureness of your generous spirit.

If you have been single for a while, you may consider expanding your social circle. This is a great time to try speed dating or online matchmaking services. This could be fun, and think of the new people you’ll meet. Each person has a story to tell, and you’re just the one to listen! If you’re in a relationship, keep things exciting. Plan an adventure or insist on a date night.


This month, concentrate on gratitude. You have so much goodness about to burst open in your life, but you tend to worry that it will never reach you…or that you won’t be able to reach those high expectations you set for yourself. Worry less, trust more. You have been guided by others in your life and by the Universe to expand, professionally and personally this past year. Growth isn’t always easy, but it is exciting to look back at the journey and see how far you’ve come. You have a few more weeks of intense learning and growing left to complete.

In work, the Full Moon on the 12th in your sign symbolizes clarity and vision. Your purpose is unfolding before you, and you just have to step forward to fully realize it. There are new allies who want to join your team. Let them support you in fulfilling your dreams.

Keep petty grievances and conflicts at bay by walking away when you feel tempted to say something unkind. Keep each person’s backgrounds and experience levels in mind. You are a go-getter, but not everyone has your work ethic. Hold them accountable without pushing them too far.

In relationships, Capricorn, let love lead you to discovering new ways to open your heart to another. Let go of practical concerns and follow your soul’s calling. If you are involved, look for ways you and your partner might connect to an organization or cause. Your desire to make a difference could actually help you be the “it” power couple. Find ways to get involved.


Your world is turning at a fast pace, and this month gives you a needed break from your routine. Good news comes on the 20th, allowing you to move fully into your future. Plans that have remained on hold for months finally begin to come together. This is a time of connection, of possibility. You have had some mountains to climb and unexpected challenges to face, but that is behind you. The future welcomes you with open arms.

Professionally, this is a great month to promote yourself and market your work. You receive recognition for your efforts, promotions and title changes are in your near future. If you own your own business, consider expanding your reach. Cross-promote and network to new individuals or groups. You function well in communities, and you can organize others to rally around a cause. When you think of the bigger picture, you feel less intimidated by the details of planning an event or gathering.

Your home life takes the back burner while you tend to your adventurous spirit. Check out Destination Luxury or comparable websites for your go-to destination information. You could use a lavish setting for your summer getaway. Indulge!

Relationships are both steamy and delightful at the first part of the month. Take advantage of that time. If you’re single, get out of the house and play! For those of you in love, enjoy romantic nights outdoors in the summer air. You are entering a year of commitment and focus in relationships. Let this summer invite magic into your heart.


You are one of the most sensitive signs in the Zodiac, capable of tremendous feelings and extraordinary compassion. However, when you feel as if your giving goes unreciprocated, your inner child gets fussy. Calm him or her down by taking time for you. Spend time by the water: the pool, beach, or even the bathtub. A little self-nurturing will support your wholeness and wellbeing.

Work has been an exciting roller-coaster ride since Jupiter has been in Cancer this whole year. Many new doors have opened for you, and you have bravely, boldly pursued those opportunities. You may have felt torn between several new beginnings, and now you get to step back and assess your goals moving forward. You are nearing the time of harvesting all the seeds you have sown. Celebrate your success and watch those sprouts start to blossom.

Music, art, theatre, and dance call you to awaken your right brain reality. Creativity abounds, and if you have small children, this is a great time to introduce them to cultural events and activities.

As Venus, the planet of beauty, enters Cancer, you may feel inclined toward a mini-makeover. Go ahead and plan one for the 19th, when the Solar influences welcome indulgence in all things gorgeous and breathtaking.

Romantic affairs get spicy as the month progresses, and the end of the month brings a hot summer fling for you single Pisces. For those involved, a romantic getaway would spark your passion and increase intimacy.



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