Machineri “Big Bad Machine”

Relatively unknown, Machiniri is a Cape Town, South African band with roots based in Southern Blues-Rock.  Sannie Fox is the female vocal lead with raw Joplin-esque riffs and powerful Strat leads from running mate Andre Geldenhuys.

Sannie Fox: Guitars and Vocals Andre Geldenhuys: Guitars, guitars, guitars Daniel Huxham: Drums

From the band’s modest website;

Machineri was formed in 2008 by Sannie Fox and Andre Geldenhuys.
The band is a 3 piece consisting of two American Fender Stratocasters (Sannie and Andre), Drum (Daniel Huxham) and Lead Vocal (Sannie).

The sound is predominantly Blues-Rock as well as distorted, layered and riff-driven.

Sannie writes the songs and lyrics while the task of arranging as well as instrumentation is undertaken by herself and Andre.
The song is then worked in the jam room and further explored with drums as well as extremely loud volumes before it is either recorded or performed for any audience.



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