Rachel Lang + Mercury Retrograde


We are pleased to feature Astrologer, Rachel Lang, in this issue of The Live Box Magazine. This month brings a much feared Mercury Retrograde. We sat down with Rachel to get some clarity and survival advice.

LBM: Rachel, what do you see in your practice when Mercury Retrograde comes along?

RL: Each time Mercury stations Retrograde, two things happen:

1. My computer lets me know if it isn’t happy. This time, it wants a total hard drive replacement.

2. I receive panic-stricken phone calls, Facebook messages, emails, and texts. People reach out through their (perhaps buggy) technological devices and ask: “What’s going to happen!?!?!”

So, let me assure you of one thing: You will survive. In fact, your life may even be a little clearer on the other side of the retrograde period.

LBM: Ok, we can be hopeful…

RL: Yes, I love retrograde periods, generally speaking. They’re nostalgic and reflective. A bit moody and uncertain. This particular retrograde that started on the 7th and continues until July 1 magnifies that effect because it stationed in the sign of Cancer, the sign of family, of matriarchy, and of memory. This stresses a strong need for self-protection and a fear of vulnerability, but it brings hope for healing deep emotional wounds and familial relationship repairs.

You might find that during this 3-week period, you crave moments alone, perhaps hiding from the conflicts or challenges facing you. We are all seeking refuge and understanding.

Issues with our families of origin may present themselves at this time. The past meets the present, and asks to be seen. Will you heal your wounds in order to grow? Acknowledgement is often the first step in this process.

Your dreams may feature loved ones who have passed into spirit. They want to make contact and communicate their love and care. You also may feel a need to connect with distant family members, especially if there have been misunderstandings. This is a time of death and birth…and celebrations of all stages of life. Consider each moment sacred, even the painful ones.

At the same time, the Sun’s playful presence in Gemini, the sign of connectivity and communication, is urging us outside of ourselves in communication with others. How do we navigate these opposing energies?

Mercury is moving backwards and will enter Gemini on June 17. This may make you feel scattered, pulled in different directions. In this period of soul-searching, resist any tendency to distract yourself from the deep work required for personal growth. I recommend that you journal for at least 10 minutes a day for the next few weeks, even if you don’t normally write and especially if you don’t have the time! The exercise of taking time to listen to your own voice will build self-awareness and fine-tune your intuition.

LBM: Any survival tips for our readers?

RL: We’re all a little sensitive. Speak your truth in a gentle, loving manner.
Speak from the heart with compassion.
– Support your friends in reaching their personal goals! Things are a little chaotic. Practice generosity without restraint. Utilize your network to help others with their promotional efforts. You’ll feel so good by giving back!!
– Hug often. In general, communicate your appreciation and love.
– Relax and let go. There may be frustrations or technical challenges. Mercury is the great trickster and loves to remind you to take life a little less seriously. When your phone dies unexpectedly, you may be getting a much-needed break. Use it to play!



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